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The Short Story on Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) is two major breathing problems:

  • Damage to your airways

  • Damage to your lungs

Damage to Airways-

Oxygen is a gas in the air. Your body needs clean oxygen to live. But air is not clean, your body has to clean the air before it can use the oxygen. When you breathe, air goes down your windpipe, which has little brushes to scrub dirt.

Dirty air going into airways is like a dirty car going into a car wash. Brushes scrub off dirt. But if air has smoke in it, tar in the smoke clogs the brushes, they can't move. Air stays dirty.

When your airway brushes can't clean the dirt out of the air. That is BRONCHITIS.

Damage to Lungs-

After its clean. a car does not stay in a car wash. A car has to leave and drive around town.

Clean air goes into the lungs but doesn't stay there either. Oxygen has to leave the lungs and flow around the body.

To leave a place. you need an exit. A car wash exit has plastic strips. If the strips melted together they would turn into a solid wall. It would be hard to get out.

Lungs also have exits. The exits have covers. Smoking "melts" the covers into a hard mass. Oxygen can't get out. That is EMPHYSEMA.

When your brushes don't clean

and your oxygen doesn't flow.

That is COPD.

Feeling tired?

Most people with COPD feel tired. If you don't breath in enough oxygen you feel tired.

You can also feel tired if you don't breath out enough carbon dioxide.

What to Do about COPD-

It is not like the measles or mumps. You can get over those diseases. COPD is damage.

You can't fix the exit doors in the lungs. They will never completely open again.

The covers, like plastic once melted do not come unstuck again. But there IS some good news:

  • You CAN avoid big flare-ups- you don't have to go back to the hospital

  • You CAN get stronger which means

  • You CAN do the activities that you enjoy

The future with COPD depends on reaching four goals:

  1. Make the most of each day

  2. Make the most of each breath

  3. Make the most of each move

  4. Make the most of each meal

Best Concierge Nurse Case Management can assist you in navigating your COPD as well as many other diseases. We can help you to manage and coordinate your conditions, appointments, medications and ancillary services so that you can make the most of each day.

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